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RESTUBE's story is simple. A couple of years ago a member of their team experienced a critical situation in the water and the decision was made to make water sport safer for their friends and others. As students of mechanical engineering they developed the first prototypes of a safety product for any water activities... RESTUBE was born.


Engineered in Germany and developed with close cooperation with universities, our ambassadors and professional lifesavers RESTUBE are constantly improving the RESTUBE technology according to the needs of the users.


RESTUBE HAS ALREADY SAVED LIVES. It moves people to be more active around water, improves the water safety and provides more freedom. No matter if you are going out for fun, with the family, for hard training, for a contest or even for work.


RESTUBE have developed partnerships with several major watersports schools and events to equip participants with a reliable safety system, RESTUBE is now available in several activity specific models basic, classic, swim, sports and lifeguard.




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